is Not About TRUST,

It’s About CLARITY.

Renovating Retirement Offers a New Approach to Financial Planning. 

Too many people trust traditional financial planners and big-name investment firms to be the experts to tell them how to invest and increase the money they have.

What they don’t tell you is how to protect the money you’ve saved from unnecessary taxes so it can provide income for your entire life.

Renovating Retirement brings light to FIVE crucial planning perspectives and helps you understand how they can all work together to provide longer-lasting income security.

When you can see and understand your entire financial well-being and future more clearly, you easily make the best decisions for yourself.

Our podcasts and webinars provide education FIRST. If you want a second opinion on your financial outlook, a qualified Renovating Retirement agent will help you structure your plan.

Welcome to renovating Retirement

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“Get More Income in Retirement”

The Bedrock of Our Approach is the Comprehensive MERIT Plan. 

Charlie Jewett,  an investment advisor from San Diego, CA,  has been changing the way industry professionals and consumers think about retirement since 2005. With considerable years of experience and an array of professional certifications, Charlie wrote the book on Renovating Retirement (really.)

Renovating Retirement focuses on stock market alternatives combined with a tax-free retirement income and provides education that helps people create their ideal retirement plans. 

Read on, listen to the podcast, or watch a webinar to learn more. 

 When you understand the core principles of the MERIT Plan and the strategies that protect your retirement income from unnecessary taxes. No longer will you invest first and HOPE you will have enough money to last.

A comprehensive MERIT Plan will take care of you and your family whether you have

Long Life

Short Life

Rough Life

Sick Life,

and when you finally move into The Next Life.”

— Charlie Jewett

Three Simple Planning Models

The MERIT Model

For living the best retirement possible, follow this Retirement Planning Model:


Merit Plan

The Three INs

You must have at least these three types of accounts:


the 3 Ins

The 5 Lives of Retirement

Your retirement plan must take good care of you and your family whether you have a 

5 Lives of Retirement