I’ve now been to somewhere between 50 and 60 intense multi-day financial and retirement planning workshops and bootcamps.

I’ve been digging for eleven straight years to find the best of the best available for my clients. If I were to narrow it down to which five books one should read to start renovating their retirement it would be these:

1. Renovating Retirement by Charlie Jewett

2. Missed Fortune 101 by Douglas Andrew

3. Tax-Free Retirement Planning by Patrick Kelley

4. The Power of Zero Percent by David McKnight

5. Two Ways To Be Debt Free By Charlie Jewett

Anyone think I’m arrogant or selfish for mentioning two books I wrote?

I’ll offer you the same challenge I’ve offered every advisor in the country……meet me on TV or online for a very public Retirement-Plan-Off and let’s see who builds a better retirement plan.

Coward Challenge Update….not one single person to date has taken me up on this offer. What does that mean? If they don’t think they are the best doesn’t that mean they are giving their clients inferior retirements? How do they sleep at night?

I’m as arrogant as anyone else saying 2+2=4

I’ve also recently done a Renovating Retirement Podcast explaining these books in more detail; Episode 033. You can find all of these books on “Books I Recommend” page on my website!