As I begin this educational series on annuity myths, and why Americans hate them so much,

Let me start with a bit of history

I’ve now been an Insurance Agent for over 12 years focusing on using insurance company products (Cash Value Life Insurance and Annuity Contracts) to solve problems that retirees and future retirees face.

Having reviewed over 1,000 financial plans, and having met personally with hundreds of families, I can tell you one thing for sure…..

Americans hate and fear Annuities

I’ve often been puzzled by this reality thinking to myself “how could guaranteed income for life be hard to accept?” or “how could no losses and no fees with great upside be hard to accept compared to the stock market?”.

The reality is that the evil machine, the Joker Brokers and everyone else who loses money when you buy an Annuity has done a better job perpetuating their lies about Annuities than the good guys have done in spreading the truth about them.

Let me join that battle today and put in my two cents. Again, as I say in all of my books, on all my Renovating Retirement podcast episodes and at all of my speaking engagements….

I don’t want you to trust me

The truth is that you need to see clearly and make wise decisions. You don’t need recommendations, you need clarity. Over the next several days I’m going to begin to deliver some helpful truth in bite size pieces so check in next Monday for the first installment of Annuity Myths: Why Americans Hate Annuities.

To your amazing retirement,

Charlie Jewett
Author, Speaker, Podcast Host and Whistle-Blower