We all know how I feel about annuities.
But, here is another perspective I want to share with you.

Annuity Outlook Magazine published an article about the old 60/40 method called¬†The 60/40 Profile is DEAD!¬†This method has been used for so many years, but now it’s the wrong strategy.

What’s the 60/40 method Tom’s talking about?

The 60/40 method is a securities only attempt at protecting and growing your assets. This method is outdated and should not be used anymore.

The stock earnings that go into the calculations are exaggerated. The bond rates, that made it work, are no longer realistic.

Tom, the Author, does a great job at explaining how we take better care of retirees in the new world. Although, I will note that I’ve found Indexed Universal Life can be just as safe as Whole Life and earn twice the returns. In contrast, I would suggest Universal Life as opposed to Whole Life as your bond alternative to secure the best retirement for your future!