Take a look at an article I found that I want to share with you.

CNN Money’s “CEO’s are being ‘rewarded’ for failure” article

I have to admit though I’ve never heard the word “Trebled”

I enjoyed this article. Although this is based off of UK companies, I believe the same is true for our US companies as well.

Of particular concern, for me, are the CEOs of the giant retail mutual fund sales organizations in the US (you would know all of their names as they spend millions to get you to think they do real financial planning) who make multi-million dollar salaries leading huge organizations whose job it is to steer you into mutual funds not because they are the best choice but rather because they get a kickback from certain companies.

That’s called “steering” in every other industry yet in this industry it’s ALLOWED and it’s REWARDED.

I’m writing a book entitled “Allowable Malpractice In The Financial Services Industry” that will be out later this year.

For now…….stop voting with your money and encouraging some brand name financial firm to steer you into the crap they want to sell.

Get educated……no one cares more about your money than you and you need to hold your advisor accountable to doing the absolute best for you!