I’ve had some questions lately about the different ways to listen to a Podcast. In this weeks post, I am going to show you how to listen to a Podcast, on several different platforms, with screenshots included!


Libsyn is a Podcast hosting platform that also offers listeners an easy way to listen to their favorite Podcasts & Episodes. With over 25,000 Podcasts, Libsyn is a great go-to option for the not-so-savvy computer users.


Sticher is a great App to use to listen to Podcasts on your Android or iPhone. You can also listen to Podcast episodes by visiting the Stitcher website and searching the name of the Podcast.


Clammr is a website and app that allows you to listen to snip bits of an episode before listening to the whole thing. You can search and listen to entire Podcast episodes. They also make it really easy to share a 24-second audio on social media.


iTunes is the infamous app and downloadable software to search and listen to your favorite episodes. iTunes is also compatible with PC’s. Although it is more of a process to listen to Podcasts, it is worth looking into. iTunes has some great benefits!


You can also download and listen to Podcast episodes right here on JewettWealth.com! How easy is that? We have show notes for each episode so you can read more about the content, find relevant links associated with the episode, and learn a little more about who was included in the episode.