It might just be the right time to sell your positions in the market and move to Indexed Annuities and Life Insurance.

I came across this article last week and thought it would be helpful to share with all my readers. It’s important to pay attention to these sort of things because it could potentially impact your future retirement.

World’s Most Powerful Bank Issues as Major Warning
From the website Zero Hedge

If Realtors started to say ‘It’s a terrible time to buy right now. House values are too high and need to come down….’ would you listen? Most Realtors, motivated to sell homes, are always optimistic about real estate going up.

Stock Brokers and Financial Advisors are the same. They are motivated by charging fees and say ‘the markets always goes up over the long run’, and things like that.

Get to the middle of this article and you will see that the CEO of the worlds largest bank, a man who makes his money by getting people in the market, is now saying that the markets are too high and need to come down.

Now would be a great time to sell your positions and move money into Indexed Annuities and Life Insurance (built my way) so you will not lose any more money when the markets do come down.